WLG/WLGAN is all about turning outrage and anger into action.  In the wake of another outrageous killing of a Black man, George Floyd, and the violation of the constitutional rights of peaceful protestors, we urge you to “Do Something.”  Here are two resources:

First, HERE is a link to an Anti-Racist Resource Guide prepared by Victoria Alexander (her LinkedIn Page HERE). The guide is filled with ideas about broadening your understanding of, and ways to combat, racism.  We share this with the obvious caveats that many other worthwhile organizations, projects and resources exist, and we encourage you to find them; also that you should check out any organization you are unfamiliar with, if you are interested in donating.

Second, the American Constitution Society is connecting volunteer lawyers with organizations and chapters on the ground for efforts across the country. If you would like to volunteer, Ashley Erickson has asked that you please contact her directly at aerickson@acslaw.org and include “WLG/WLGAN Sent Us” in the subject line.