NAWLTalks Podcast:
Protecting the Next Generation of Attorneys from Harassment

In this episode, Aliza Shatzman, President and Co-Founder of The Legal Accountability Project, speaks with Cory Amron, Co-Founder and President of Women Lawyers on Guard, about judicial accountability and how to protect law clerks from workplace mistreatment. They discuss Aliza’s personal experience with gender discrimination, harassment, and retaliation by a former D.C. Superior Court judge; the scope of the problem; and solutions, including the Judiciary Accountability Act (JAA) (H.R. 4827/S. 2553), which would extend Title VII protections to federal judiciary employees. They then discuss Aliza’s new nonprofit, The Legal Accountability Project, which aims to ensure that law clerks have positive clerkship experiences while extending support and resources to those who do not. Aliza also offers suggestions for what women lawyers can do to help. 

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Women Lawyers On Guard’s Survey on Sexual Misconduct and Harassment in the Legal Profession:

The Legal Accountability Project:

    Women Lawyers On Guard Action Network, Inc.

    Women Lawyers on Guard Action Network, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) organization that can engage in lobbying and (to some extent) political campaign activity (which means it can encourage its members to run for office, ask its members to support or oppose candidates for political office, and respond to calls for action, consistent with U.S. tax law).