Did you miss International Women’s Day?  No matter — we don’t need just one day; we need every day.  And we have a program to help, on April 8th.

The headlines scream about the devastating effect of the pandemic on women and people of color in our country:  Female unemployment hit double digits — a first since 1948. Unemployment among Blacks and Latinas is significantly higher than among White women and men. The pandemic has increased the burdens of child care, elder care, and family care on women. Involuntary home schooling has fallen mostly to women, adding to their already overloaded days. Many women are falling out of the workplace as a result- and not because they want to or can afford to.  This gender regression after years of at least some progress is alarming.

Women Lawyers On Guard can’t solve all these problems, but we are presenting a program of practical tips and advice for women, their partners, and families that can help. Come (virtually) and bring your significant other to Breaking Down the COVID Wall: Women, Families and Surviving the Pandemic, Thursday, April 8, 5 PM East Coast Time, 2 PM Pacific Time.  Our expert panelists (below and at the RSVP link) will offer strategies and tips for: coping, mental health for adults and children; relationships in a pandemic; navigating the new school environment, and resurrecting or saving your devastated or damaged career.

Please RSVP HERE and you will receive a link to this complimentary program.

Cheree Price is a school psychologist with the Montgomery County Public Schools and was recently named School Psychologist of the year by the Montgomery County School Psychologists’ Association.
Jennifer Reynolds is a psychotherapist specializing in the development of skills for teens and adults to cope with stress caused by loss, relationships, work, school and life changes.
Phillip Reynolds is a mental and behavioral health professional who works to identify and maximize strengths while cultivating relationships, performance, and community.
Lisa Horowitz is an attorney and career coach who works with attorneys at all stages of their careers to create an actionable strategy to navigate career transition and advancement.