Finally. Some good news for women in this country after four rotten years. The Biden-Harris administration will soon constitute a Gender Policy Council, with one full-time Co-Chair and additional staff, and with the elevated status of a White House initiative. It will collaborate with every agency, and every cabinet member will participate, working on a “government-wide approach to gender equity and equality.”  See today’s New York Times article, HERE.

Also, we are pleased to announce the second in WLG’s Work/Life Imbalance program series:  “Hitting the COVID Wall:  Women, Families and Surviving a Pandemic”.  We have a diverse panel bringing diverse perspectives, practical advice and tips:

Philip Reynolds and Jennifer Reynolds: therapists talking about mental health and coping issues for adults;
Cheree Price, school psychologist, discussing children’s educational challenges and their mental health;
Lisa Horowitz, career coach, bringing us advice about overcoming the devastating consequences to women’s careers from the pandemic; and
Congresswomen Abigail Spanberger has been invited to discuss legislative solutions to issues that are disproportionately affecting women, particularly women in the workplace.

Stay tuned for a date and a final panel.

In the meantime, we soldier on.