A gender pay gap has been documented in numerous studies.  We need your assistance to support certain laws that are trying to address this gap, but which are under attack.

In the last 3 years, a number of jurisdictions have passed laws that prohibit employers from asking prior compensation information from their applicants.  As you know, employers often use this information to set the applicant’s salary at their new position.  Often, in their prior positions, women are making less than men of comparable, experience, credentials, etc. so this practice perpetuates the gender compensation gap.

This survey [CLICK HERE] gathers anonymous information/stories from attorneys who have experienced the following: They applied for a lateral legal position, their potential employer asked their prior compensation, they told them, they got the job and their new compensation was probably based on their old compensation. Then they discovered, or suspected, that a male colleague of equal or less credentials, experience, level, business, etc. was being paid more. 

If this describes an experience you have had, please respond to this anonymous survey [SURVEY HERE]WE NEED YOUR INPUT!!  The information will be used in various ways, for example: potential amicus briefs in cases challenging the prohibition on asking compensation history, and for articles, programs and other initiatives on gender pay equity in the legal profession.  No names or other identifying information will be asked or used.

Please also FORWARD this link to your network, and ask them to forward to their networks as well!

Thank you so much for your assistance.