WLG is Addressing Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession

Women Lawyers on Guard Inc., is a non-profit network of women and men who advocate and work for equality and justice.  We are determined  to address sexual harassment in the legal profession. Progress has been made, but clearly more needs to be done.  Here is our first initiative on sexual harassment:

A nationwide confidential and anonymous SURVEY on sexual misconduct and harassment (not just the legally actionable definition) covering all employment settings for lawyers and staff: law firms, corporations, government, law schools, non-profits, etc.  The survey is currently closed and we are analyzing the data and drafting our findings.  We will publish a link to the report as soon as it is complete.  


The results of this survey will help organizations and employers tackle this societal problem.

Thank you very much for your support! For more information about Women Lawyers on Guard, visit us at https://womenlawyersonguard.org/