With the $5 Million verdict in the E. Jean Carroll case in New York, we now know that even a prominent person who sexually abused someone many years ago can be brought to justice.  And, additionally, that defaming the plaintiff can have significant consequences. (Slate article here.)

This was not the situation for the 86% of respondents to Women Lawyers On Guard’s nationwide sexual harassment survey (in the legal profession) who felt that they could not, or would not, report their abuse, or the 50% of those perpetrators who were reported who faced no consequences for their actions. See Still Broken.

With this verdict, not only was Ms. Carroll vindicated, but perhaps it may give others the courage to stand up against their abusers.  We can hope that, with this public example, the times they are a changin’.

See Women Lawyers On Guard Action Network’s letter to Ms. Carroll here: WLGAN-Letterhead-E. Jean Carroll -5-19-2023 -pdf