After watching Judge Brett Kavanaugh at the hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee last Thursday, Women Lawyers On Guard Action Network’s Board felt compelled to deliver yet a third letter to all U. S. Senators.

WLGAN’s first letter outlined the substantive positions that Judge Kavanaugh has taken in the past that we believe signal a judicial view that will very likely adversely impact women.  The second letter called upon the Senate Judiciary Committee to hold a full and non-partisan hearing regarding Professor Blasey Ford’s sexual assault allegations.

The third letter (link HERE) points out to the Senate that Brett Kavanuagh’s demeanor and responses at the Senate Judiciary Hearing (which is still not the full investigation of the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh that we called for) indicates a grave lack of  judicial temperament especially for a position on the Supreme Court.

The Senate vote is scheduled for Friday, October 5.  We urge you to express your opinion to your Senators and, if you are in DC on Thursday, October, 4th, to attend a rally at 12:30 PM at the Barrett Prettyman Courthouse- 333 Constitution Ave, NW.

Thank you!

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