What We Do

We are a network of experienced attorneys and other professionals available to provide pro-bono assistance on a wide variety of legal issues to new and established organizations that share our mission and values. We also take public positions on important legal issues, including placing op-eds in nationally syndicated publications and filing amicus briefs in courts across the country.

We focus our work within three key issue areas: sexual harassment, gender and workplace equity, and women’s health and reproductive rights.

Our members want to “do something” for our country, but they may not know how to find meaningful projects. We help fulfill your commitment to work on urgent, mission-driven issues.

Support Our Work

Sexual Harassment

The legal profession still has a long way to go to address ongoing sexual harassment. Read our reports and learn more about our programs around these initiatives.

Gender and Workplace Equity

We are working on legislation, amicus briefs, and education advocating for the Equal Rights Amendment.

Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights

We advocate to politicians and other change-makers, write op-eds and amicus briefs, and host events.

Issues Our Members Have Addressed

First Amendment / acceptable limitations

Impact of Policies on Women

501(c)(3) and other non-profit formation

Secure Data Gathering

Permitted Non-Profit Entity Activities

Online Privacy

Analysis of Proposed Legislation

Immigration Policy Changes

What WLG Has Already Achieved


  • To date, WLG has matched attorneys who have provided pro-bono legal services to the National Women’s Law Center, the International Refugee Assistance Project, The Women’s March, Indivisible (national), the ACLU, the American Constitutional Society for Law and Policy, and Flippable, among others.
  • Our members have addressed a myriad of legal issues including: first amendment analyses, organization of 501(c)(3) entities, secure data gathering and online privacy practices, health care legislation, immigration, trademark analyses, and nominee vetting research.
  • We have written Congress to bring pertinent issues to their attention.
  • We have disseminated Op-Eds through various media.
  • We have held and co-sponsored events.

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* Women Lawyers on Guard Action Network, Inc. is a 501(c)(4) organization that can engage in lobbying and (to some extent) political campaign activity (which means it can ask its members to support or oppose candidates for political office, and respond to calls for action, consistent with U.S. tax law).

An affiliated organization, Women Lawyers On Guard Inc. is a 501(c)(3). This organization supports research, education of the public, advocacy, litigation, and amicus briefs.